"Nature Calls"

Here's a spot I finished with my friends at Alice Blue. This was a fun project to work on. We have another in the works with a different forrest critter. The clients and team from Alice Blue came into my studio for two days of final tweaks. Credits to follow at bottom of page.

Please visit www.ALICE BLUE.com to view more of their work.

Character Design:
Character Animation:
Editorial, Compositing and Finish:
Sound Design and Music:



Alice Blue
Alice Blue
Alice Blue
Dan Escobar
Peter Amante
Color Collective
Overcoast Music & Sound

The Raccoon was modeled, rigged and animated in 3ds Max. Ornatrix was used for fur; Vray was used for lighting/rendering. Some additional elements/passes and setup was done in Softimage and Maya. Editorial, compositing and finishing was done in Flame.